Termite Control Aboard A Watercraft

The main structural component of many boats is wood, and the moisture-rich environment that your boat is utilized in and the exposure to dirt when your watercraft is docked can lead to the infestation of both subterranean and drywood termites.  The Difference In Termite Types Drywood termites are more likely to infest a boat than subterranean termites, but both types pose a threat to boat owners. Subterranean termites tend to burrow underground and make trails throughout the confines of their habitat. Read More 

Waterproofing Tips For Crawl Spaces

If your home has a bare crawl space, then a lot of complications could happen that wouldn't if the area was waterproofed. That includes water damage and mold. To keep these things from affecting your crawl space, approach crawl space waterproofing with these tips in mind.  Review the Crawl Space First Before you start putting together waterproof measures for a crawl space, you want to first examine the area so that you can account for its particular layout and elements. Read More 

Why You Should Consider A Flat Roof For Your Commercial Building

Flat roofs have become the hallmark of modern commercial building construction due to the many terrific advantages that they offer business owners. If you are looking to install a new commercial roof, choosing a flat roof can prove to be a smart business decision. Here are a few points to explain why. Commercial flat roofs can be significantly cheaper to build. Although some businesses tend to access more funding than others, no business has an unlimited amount of money to spend. Read More 

Using Professionals For Excavating Your Property

Whenever excavation work is required, a homeowner will need to be sure that they are using a professional excavation service for this work on their land. While these services will be more expensive than renting the excavation equipment yourself, they can provide other benefits that will make this project easier for you to complete. Reduce Erosion From The Excavation During the course of excavation work, a large amount of soil can become disturbed. Read More 

3 Things That Indicate A Problem With Your Concrete Foundation

It is crucial that you are aware of some of the signs of a concrete foundation problem. This way, you will know just what it is that you are looking at and will therefore know that it is time to call for professional repair services. The condition of your foundation is crucial to the care of your entire home. When there is a bad foundation, many additional problems can form. Here are a few things that you will want to keep an eye out for when you are inspecting your concrete foundation: Read More