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Unexpected Cold Snaps: Take Steps To Make Your Heating Oil Last Longer

Unexpected cold snaps can put the freeze on your heating oil supplies, especially if your home or oil-fired furnace isn't prepared for the drastic changes in weather. If your furnace doesn't work properly, or your home lacks sufficient insulation, you can use up more heating oil than you need to stay warm. Here are things you can do right now to make your heating oil last longer, even during cold snaps. Read More 

Is Your Roof Ready For Winter? If Not, Follow These 4 Tips

With the winter season fast approaching, is your roof ready to handle the wrath that Old Man Winter brings with him? Here are four things you can do to start preparing your roof for the winter season: 1. Perform a Full Inspection of the Roof. Before you can determine what preparations are necessary for your roof to tackle winter weather conditions, you first need to perform a thorough inspection. Keep an eye for any damage that occurred between your last inspection and now. Read More 

How To Adjust The Water Pressure Of A Well System

Inadequate water pressure is not only annoying, but it can cause delays in washing dishes or clothes. Owners of water wells can increase or decrease the pressure in their water well system by adjusting a pressure control switch. Unlike a municipal water source, the pressure in a well system slightly increases and decreases with each pump cycle. As water is used, the pressure in the water tank drops. When the pressure reaches a set point, the pump switches on temporarily and refills the tank. Read More 

Take the Stink Out of Your Ice

The ice made in your ice dispenser should make your drinks cool—it shouldn't make your drinks taste bad! If your ice smells and tastes bad, you have a problem that you may easily be able to fix. Below, you will find out what you can do to put a stop to the smelly ice coming from your dispenser. Give It a Good Cleaning The easiest and most common fix for stinky ice is to give the fridge and ice maker a good cleaning. Read More 

Why You Should Choose Stucco

Stucco is more than a practical siding for your house. Nothing else lends such a natural and even romantic look to a dwelling. A mixture of sand, lime, water, and sometimes cement, stucco covers metal and wood framework to create an energy-efficient and attractive exterior that is both classic and modern. If you are building, buying, or remodeling a home, consider choosing a stucco finish. Versatility Stucco allows for a variety of finishes that can express your own personal design aesthetic. Read More