Construction Contractors

3 Great Benefits Of Powder Coating

When it comes to certain industrial tasks, it pays to make sure that you receive the best work for your needs. Adding a liquid finish, such as a paint, to any surface means that you can either apply it through traditional means or with powder coating. This task refers to using compressed powder in order to apply dry layers of the material quicker and easier. You can gain a lot from using powder coating in this regard. Read More 

Slow Moving Drains? Here’s How To Fix It

Slow running drains can be a real pain. If your toilet, sinks, and tubs are constantly taking forever to drain and you hear mysterious bubbling and gurgling sounds coming up from the pipes, your main sewer line is probably clogged. Even worse, you may not have any symptoms and just wake up one day to the sewer backed up in your basement. If your sewer is clogged, dumping a drum of chemicals down the drain isn't going to solve the problem. Read More 

How To Paint An Exterior Concrete Wall

Concrete patio flooring is easily customized with stain products that let the natural concrete texture show through. But when you're painting an exterior concrete wall, you might want something a bit more full coverage. With a little bit of prep work and the right products, you can have an attractive wall with relatively little effort. Note that light patching and painting aren't sufficient fixes for a concrete wall with large, structural cracks. Read More 

Could There Be Asbestos In Your Home’s Vinyl Tiles?

You have probably heard about asbestos and know that it is dangerous, but did you know it can be found in your vinyl tiles? Most people think about asbestos being in the walls, and while there is definitely a risk in the walls of older homes, it can be in many other places as well. Asbestos, which consists of fibrous minerals that occur naturally, are extremely dangerous and toxic. Asbestos compounds used to be found in homes due to their fire-resistant nature, but when it was linked to cancer, it was prohibited. Read More 

Cold Reality: If You Have One Of These 3 Problems, You Must Turn Off The Furnace Immediately

There are some faulty or inefficient furnaces that may be safely allowed to run until your heating repair professionals arrive. They should be able to tell you over the phone if it's still safe to heat your home or business while you wait to have your furnace problems solved. But there are 3 times when you should immediately shut off the furnace before calling for help. 1) When you smell gas. Read More