What To Expect With Residential Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofs offer many benefits over asphalt roofs: they are longer-lasting, naturally fire-resistant, and more energy-efficient. If you've chosen to install a residential metal roof, you're already sold on the benefits but may have a few questions about what to expect. Here's everything you need to know about installing metal roofs.  How Long Does it Take to Install Metal Roof?  In many locations, roofing work requires a permit. It can take two to four weeks to get a building permit. Read More 

Make Your Garage Comfortable All Year Round

If you spend much of your free time working or playing in your garage, you want the space to be comfortable throughout the year. But if your garage is freezing cold in the winter or extraordinarily hot in the summer, you might feel less inclined to use it. Try the helpful things below to make your garage more comfortable today. Seal Your Garage Like other living areas around your home, your garage door, windows, and doors should be properly sealed against the outside world. Read More 

Commercial Plumbing Tips For Your Office Park

Are you the owner or caretaker of multiple buildings in an office park? If so, you likely try and keep up with a wide variety of maintenance tasks every month. Your commercial plumbing set up, in particular, is one area where you should never miss a scheduled maintenance check-up. Here are some commercial plumbing tips to help you keep your office park in good shape and your tenants happy. Ask Tenants to Report Small Leaks or Periodically Enter Each Building to Check Yourself Read More 

Reasons to Put a Tile Roof on a Commercial Rental Property

Receiving complaints about a bad roof from someone who is renting a commercial building structure from you isn't something to take lightly. The reason why is because you are likely responsible for making repairs to the roof as the owner of the building, which can put you in a legal situation if prompt repairs aren't made. For instance, if the roof damage leads to parts of the ceiling falling down inside the building and injuring someone or damaging property, your tenant can hold you liable as the owner. Read More 

The Essential Guide To Working With Builders To Take Your Dream Home From A Concept To A Reality

If you have a concept of a dream home in your mind, it is probably time to make the dream a reality. Custom home builders can help you figure out what you want and how to turn that concept into a new home that has everything you dreamed of. The following tips will help you work closely with a custom home builder to turn your idea of a dream home into a reality:  Read More