The Modern Dowsing Guide for Geological Surveying: Locate Water Before You Drill Your Well

If you need to have a water well drilled, dowsing is a technique that was once used to find water with a rod. These primitive techniques have changed, and today, there are more reliable ways to find the water on your property before having a well drilled. The following modern dowsing guide to geological surveying will help you find the water on your property before you begin drilling:

Get a Topographical Drawing of Your Property

Topographical surveying can be used to give you detailed maps of your property. These maps and drawings can help you with locating water because you will be able to see the watershed of your property. This is because the groundwater is often located beneath the surface in a similar pattern to the watershed and terrain above ground. Thus, you can study the natural watershed to locate water underground.

Use Sonar Imaging and Modern Technology to Map Geological Features

Today, there is a lot of modern technology that can be used to help locate the water on your property. First, you will want to consider ground sonar surveying, which will give you detailed imaging to pinpoint the location of the water. This can be used to know where water is and how deep you will need to drill the new well.

Check Available Records For Groundwater Depths, Aquafers, and Local Water Resources

There are also public records that are often available that can help you with finding the water on your property. Sometimes, the government geological entities have valuable information that can be used to tell you where to drill, as well as the type of equipment that you may need for your water well.

Consult a Professional Drilling Service For Help

Your drilling service will also be able to help you with a lot of the surveying and locating the best place to drill your well. You will also want to talk to them about other wells that have been drilled in your area. Sometimes, the wells nearby may have similar characteristics to your property that can be used to locate the water and determine the depth the well needs to be drilled.

These are some of the different ways that the water on your property can be located before drilling a new well. If you need to have a well drilled, contact a drilling contractor like Bohs Well Drilling Inc to begin surveying and locating the best place to start drilling your new well.