Commercial Plumbing Tips For Your Office Park

Are you the owner or caretaker of multiple buildings in an office park? If so, you likely try and keep up with a wide variety of maintenance tasks every month. Your commercial plumbing set up, in particular, is one area where you should never miss a scheduled maintenance check-up. Here are some commercial plumbing tips to help you keep your office park in good shape and your tenants happy.

Ask Tenants to Report Small Leaks or Periodically Enter Each Building to Check Yourself

When it comes to commercial plumbing, the earlier you find the problem, the less expensive the fix or repair is going to be. Case in point, finding and fixing a leak while it's still small is not a big deal. But if you allow that leak to continue unchecked, you won't just have a higher water bill, you will also risk the leak turning into a major issue.

Ask each of your tenants to check in with you periodically on the condition of the facilities in their building. You might not be in every building every day, so the employees that work in each building might discover a leak before you do. But with that said, get into the habit of entering each building once a month and checking every faucet and exposed pipe yourself. The tenants should not mind the intrusion if it's just once a month and it's in the interest of maintaining a good work environment for all.

Post Signs Near All Toilets, Faucets and Anywhere Else with a Drain

Commercial plumbing systems tend to be a bit sturdier than residential ones but that doesn't mean people now have an excuse to just flush whatever down the toilet. If you are concerned about someone causing a backup issue, put signage up in every building where there is a sink, a toilet or any other place where employees can dispose of waste. Ask them to avoid dumping things like leftover food into the sink and make sure no one is putting anything but toilet paper into the toilet. You can't keep tabs on every employee that works in a big office park, but talk to the people in charge of each company and make clear how important this is to you.

Soften It Up

Finally, adding a water softener can increase the lifespan of your commercial plumbing. Once water is properly filtered, it won't have any hard minerals in it that can coat the inside of your pipes and lead to a problem.

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