Why Business Owners Need Commercial Demolition Services For Concrete Buildings

In general, demolition is something that should be taken seriously. It's a significant undertaking no matter what you're demolishing, but the larger the structure is, the more serious the process will be. Many business owners look for ways to save on expenses, so you may find yourself considering trying to handle your building demolition on your own. However, particularly when you're dealing with a commercial concrete building, this isn't the best idea. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider working with a commercial demolition contractor instead.

Concrete Is Difficult To Demolish

Concrete is ideal for construction because it is strong, sturdy, and highly durable. Unfortunately, the very same attributes that make concrete great for construction also make it difficult for demolition.

You can't demolish concrete with a sledgehammer like you can with drywall. It's too strong and durable for that. In order to adequately demolish a concrete building, you will need more heavy-duty equipment, including jackhammers, pneumatic tools, and even large construction equipment for bigger commercial buildings. 

This type of equipment isn't the kind of thing that most business owners would have easily accessible. In addition, this equipment could be unsafe to use without proper training and expertise. As a result, it is in your best interest to work with a commercial demolition company instead of trying to do it yourself.

Concrete Is Heavy

The density and strength of concrete is a definite advantage when it comes to the stability of a structure. However, that density and strength also mean that concrete is naturally quite heavy. As a result, the demolition debris of concrete pieces can get pretty heavy as well. 

If you are trying to handle your demolition process on your own, you'll end up with a lot of debris from the commercial structure that you will need to dispose of. In most cases, businesses aren't equipped with material to handle this type of debris. For example, most retail stores won't have excavators, large dump trucks, or anything of that nature.

Trying to move concrete demolition debris without equipment like this can put you and your staff at serious risk of injury. Injuries can occur as a result of trying to lift heavy concrete and can also happen due to falling debris and similar risks.

A commercial demolition company will have all of the equipment necessary, including heavy-duty trucks, excavators, bobcats, and more. This makes concrete removal and disposal much easier, safer, and faster.

Concrete Dust Is Hazardous

The powder that concrete is made from contains crystalline silica. Any time you break down concrete, such as in demolition, you will release some dust in the air that contains that crystalline silica.

The particles of silica present in concrete demolition dust are fine enough that they can pass into the lungs. Crystalline silica exposure has been shown to increase the risk of lung cancer in those exposed. Since business owners are often not equipped with the respiratory protective gear to prevent this exposure, there's a significant risk of illness, including cancer, for your employees.

This can be costly to your company, including things such as liability and lawsuit issues as well as worker's comp costs. It is in your best interest to allow a commercial demolition company to handle this because they are both trained and equipped to do the job safely. Demolition contractors will have the necessary respirators and masks to protect their lungs from damage caused by the concrete dust.

The more you understand about concrete demolition, the easier it is to see why you should have a commercial demolition company handle your company's building demolition. Reach out to a company near you today for more information.