4 Ways To Protect Your Finished Basement With The Right Drainage And Waterproofing Systems

Basement foundations are vulnerable to problems with moisture and water damage from flooding. Therefore, you want to make sure you have all the right systems to protect your home from costly water damage problems. With the right upgrades, your basement will be dry and will not need costly water damage repairs. Here are some of the things that you can do to protect your home from the water with the right basement waterproofing and drainage systems:

1. Retrofit Your Old Basement With a Modern Foundation Drain and Water Barrier

Your old basement may not have any type of drainage system for the interior of your home, which can lead to moisture seeping into your home. Talk to a waterproofing contractor about retrofitting your basement with interior drains and a water barrier system to prevent water from getting into your basement and causing costly damage to your home.

2. Inspect Your Foundation Walls for Signs of Cracks and Have the Damage Repaired

Older foundations often have problems with damage like cracks due to static water pressure. Therefore, it is important that you have your foundation inspected and repair any damage. You will want to have the foundation damage repaired before doing other upgrades to improve the waterproofing and drainage systems of your foundation. In addition, make sure that you have the repairs inspected every few years to ensure they do not fail and cause damage to your home.

3. Consider Updating the Outdated Asphalt-Based Waterproofing With Modern Membranes

The old, asphalt-based waterproofing of your home is vulnerable to wear and will eventually dry out and need repairs. Therefore, you may want to consider upgrading your exterior waterproofing system with a modern foundation membrane system that helps to reduce static water pressure and prevent damage like cracks and leaks in waterproofing systems.

4. Add Drainage to Your Landscaping and Upgrade the Exterior French Drain System

The landscaping around your home may be the cause of foundation waterproofing problems due to watershed that flows towards your home. Consider installing landscape drain grates and pipes to help keep the water away. In addition, if you have an exterior French drain system, have it inspected and consider upgrading it with modern systems that provide better foundation drainage.

These are some of the things that can be done to protect your home from water damage with the right basement waterproofing and drainage systems. If you are ready to begin updating your waterproofing to keep water out of the basement, contact a foundation waterproofing service for help.