3 Reasons To Hire A Landscape Designer When You Move Into A New Construction Home

Moving into a new construction home has a lot of advantages, but the majority of new construction homes are built on dirt lots that are completely lacking in landscaping. If you're moving into a new construction home, you can opt to take on all of the landscaping on your own, but it is highly recommended that you hire a professional landscape designer to assist you. Working with a landscape designer will greatly increase the likelihood of you being completely satisfied and happy with the final results. Some of the top reasons to hire a landscape designer include:

Wealth of Information

Landscape designers are a very valuable resource and can create a landscape design that suits your needs while also using plants, shrubs, and trees that will grow and thrive in your climate. You can count on your landscape designer to give you a number of options when it comes to foliage, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that all your plants are well-suited for the climate and soil in your area. You can also give your landscape designer an overall idea of what you would like in your yard, and he or she will come up with a beautiful design that incorporates all of your ideas while also being functional.

Properly Assess the Yard

When you move into a new construction home, your front and back yard may just look like dirt to you, but every yard is different. A landscape designer will be able to assess your yard spaces and determine if additional drainage is needed or whether retaining walls will be needed if your yard is sloped. Properly assessing the yard is an extremely important aspect of landscape design and installing landscaping—if mistakes are made, you may find that your yard floods after it rains or you may have to deal with erosion, which can ruin any landscaping that you have installed.

Save Money

Most people take a DIY approach to landscape design and installation because they assume that doing so will save money. In reality, if you don't know exactly what you're doing, failing to hire a landscape designer can cost you a lot more money in the long run. Homeowners who do not have any experience in landscape design may choose the wrong plants and flowers and not understand where to place hardscapes to create a beautiful and harmonious yard. Making mistakes during the landscaping design and installation process can be costly, so it is much better to do it right the first time by hiring a pro.