Building A New Home? Tips For Choosing Between Roof Trusses And Roof Rafters

If you are building a new home, you must ensure the roof is secure. Unless you are installing a flat roof, roof trusses or roof rafters will be used to prevent the roof from falling on you and your family. To help you understand below is information about trusses and rafters, as well as the benefits of each, so you can decide what you would like to use for your home.

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are made of prefabricated wood. The wooden beams run both lengthwise and widthwise, and the trusses are spaced out over the entire roof. Once installed, the trusses not only support the roofing materials but also ties the exterior walls and your house together.

Your roof may have to have several trusses installed. For example, if you have areas of your roof that are higher than other areas a separate truss will be used for the higher area.

Roof trusses are made in a factory and the entire roof truss frame is delivered to your home. Once delivered, the roofing company will use special equipment to lift the roof truss and place it on your home.

Roof Rafters

Instead of being made in a factory and delivered to your home, roof rafters are built on site. The rafters are lengthy wood planks. The planks slope from the peak of the roof and then are spread out until the entire roof is covered. These wooden places support the roofing and sheathing.

Once the wood planks are installed, ceiling joists are then installed. The roofing company installs the joints on the attic floor. The joists are then connected to the rafters above. This will keep the walls in the attic secure to the roof rafters.

Benefits of Roof Trusses

One of the main benefits of roof trusses is you know they are of high quality. This is because they are built in a factory. The trusses will also be inspected before they are sent out to the customer.

You can also have the roof trusses delivered on the day they will be used. This will prevent you from having to store the trusses on your property until it is time to install them.

You can have the roof installed much quicker as you will not have to wait until the roof trusses are built, which can save you considerable time.

Benefits of Roof Rafters

With roof rafters, you will have more attic space. This is because the way roof rafters are installed leaves the attic space free. This is beneficial if you think you will ever want to convert your attic into something like a spare room.

Having the attic space intact allows you to have different ceiling options. For example, you could install a cathedral or vaulted ceiling later.

With the attic open you can install insulation. This gives you another barrier to prevent air from escaping out of or escaping into your home.

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