3 Easy-Peasy Ways To Build Your Tiny Home On A Shoestring Budget

You have your sights set on a tiny home and all that efficiency it entails, but the cost of a pre-built tiny home is almost as much as a regular-size abode, so you opt to build your own instead. If you are on a small budget and want to pay for a tiny house, you may have to get a little creative about where you find building supplies. The truth is, tiny homes are well, tiny. Therefore, they have some needs that are a little out of the ordinary, and out of the ordinary can mean more costly. Here are a few easy ways to build your tiny home on a shoestring budget. 

Shop around for salvageable lumber. 

The biggest expense of building your tiny home is going to be the lumber that will frame the place. The average cost of a single 2x4 is at least $1.90, which sounds cheap but not when you're going to need a whole slew of them for wall studs and building trusses. The more salvageable lumber you can find, the more you will save on your overall project. Look at properties that are getting ready to be demolished, ask your friends, and check out local classifieds for the lumber you need. 

Go to an RV salvage yard to pick up items you need. 

One of the most costly challenges of building a tiny house is the smaller stuff you need can come with a bigger price tag. For example, your shower or bathtub may have to be a different size than usual, and this can be more expensive. One thing to keep in mind is RVs are designed in the same fashion as a tiny house, so they often have fixtures inside that will work well in a tiny home. Check with an RV salvage yard to find things like:

  • cabinetry and countertops
  • sinks and plumbing fixtures
  • built-in furnishings like tables or bench seats

Get flooring remnants instead of full pieces. 

When carpet, vinyl, or other flooring is installed in a traditional-sized room, the leftovers are referred to as remnant pieces. These remnants usually get sold at the flooring stores for a fraction of the cost that would typically be charged. because the floor space in your tiny home is going to be much smaller than usual, remnants may be just enough to cover your flooring. Therefore, you should have no problem finding some type of flooring for your tiny home for much cheaper than usual.