Ways To Make Your Water Heater More Reliable

Water heaters are believed to be among the most reliable appliances in the house. Even with little maintenance, they can usually run dependably for a decade or so. Even so, there are some important ways to make your water heater more reliable.


One way for the water heaters to be reliable is to add a layer of insulation around the water pipes. Insulating hot water pipes is believed to reduce heat loss and can raise water temperature several degrees on its own. You can use pipe sleeves or strips of fiberglass insulation as water heater pipes insulators. Use acrylic or duct tape or cable ties to secure the pipe sleeves. When using fiberglass, aluminum foil tape or wire can hold it in place as pipe wrap.


Another way to make your water heater more reliable is to flush it at least once or twice a year. Flushing will allow the sediments and debris to come out. It will also help improve the heater's ability to function more effectively. On the other hand, if you fail to flush your water heater regularly, the sediments and debris can accumulate at the bottom of the appliance and may cause it to be worn out and develop cracks. This accumulation of unwanted objects also leads to rust and corrosion. More regular mini-flushes or draining the valve near the bottom of the water tank is a good alternative. 

Maintaining constant temperature

Water heaters tend to have a pre-set temperature of 140°F but you can get away with 120°F on many models. A setting of 120°F is enough for your unit to warm the water in the household at comfortable levels and is also low enough to keep the energy costs down. Maintain this constant temperature to ensure reliability of your water heater. However, if you are staying out of the house for a long time, turn the thermostat all the way down to further reduce your energy costs and let the unit rest while you're gone.

Water Heater Services

While water heater requires little maintenance, it still pays off to get water heater services once in awhile. A certified technician performs regular inspection on your water heater. Not only do regular maintenance and repair services make your unit reliable, it can also save you from potential dangers such as carbon dioxide poisoning.

Make your water heater more reliable by insulating the pipes, flushing the water heater, maintaining constant temperature and hiring plumbing and heating services regularly. Contact companies like Able Plumbing-Pumps & Well Service for more advice.