Cold Bathroom? 3 Ways To Conquer After Shower Shivers

Hot showers are divine, but stepping out from under the hot water to a cold bathroom can be a bit of a jolt. A drafty or poorly heated bathroom can have you shivering only seconds after you finish your shower. You can try to keep your feet from touching the cold tile floor while you dress at lightning speed or you can do something about your cold and drafty bathroom. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your bathroom warm and cozy. And none of them require major construction or upgrading your heating system. Following are just a few ways to conquer your after shower shivers. 

Towel Warmer

Surround yourself with warmth as soon as you step out of the shower with a heated towel. Towel warmers and drying racks are relatively inexpensive, depending on the model you choose. Prices start at around $80 and can go up to several hundred dollars. However, you may have to have electricity ran to the towel warmer if you don't have an outlet near the warmer that you can sacrifice. You will have to wire the warmer directly to the outlet. If this isn't an option, consider a portable warmer. It can be placed on a counter and plugged directly into the wall. 

Heated Floor

Radiant floor heating can take the chill off of those floor tiles and heat your bathroom at the same time. Electric radiant floor heating can cost up to $12 per square foot with installation. However, a bathroom is a small space, which usually makes it an affordable option. If you're replacing your bathroom floor, radiant heat can be added directly on top of your subfloor before the new tile goes down. If you're not, radiant heat can be placed under your subfloor, providing there is a crawl space or basement that the installer can use for access. 

Heated Vent

Heated bathroom exhaust fans are also an inexpensive way to warm up a chilly bathroom. Most models cost between $100 to $300 without installation. They are relatively easy to install. The process is virtually identical to that of a regular exhaust fan, so anyone with experience putting in lighting or exhaust fans should be able to handle the job. 

As you can see, there are several ways to warm up your cold bathroom. If you're tired of freezing after you get out of the shower, look into one or more of these ways to make your space warm and cozy. For more ideas, contact contractors like Action Plumbing & Heating.