Don’t Toss These Things Into Your Dumpster During A Renovation Construction — Donate Them Instead

When you're renovating your own home, you'll almost undoubtedly have a dumpster dropped off at the location to load with waste products. Whenever you fill the dumpster, you can call to have it carted away and get another empty one dropped off. Filling the dumpster during the job isn't apt to take long, given that you'll be tearing out old parts of the home before you begin the actual new construction. It's important, however, to give careful consideration to the products you throw in the dumpster. In many cases, things that you remove can benefit someone else. You can donate many of these items to a building charity in your city, which will slow down the speed at which you fill your dumpster and also help someone in need.

Bathroom Fixtures

Many household renovation projects call for the removal of outdated bathroom fixtures, such as toilets, vanities, tubs and shower surrounds. If these items no longer suit your sense of style but there's nothing fundamentally wrong with them, remove them carefully and set them aside instead of loading them into your dumpster. Given that carting these large items to a local building charity can be labor-intensive, call some local organizations and ask if they'll pick up your bathroom fixtures. In many situations, this will be the case.

Electrical Elements

It can be tempting to toss a wide range of electrical elements in your dumpster without a second thought, but the reality is that many items that you no longer want can be suitable to donate to a local building charity. Hanging lights, wall sconces, track lighting and other forms of lighting can benefit those in need or those who are planning to renovate on a budget. Likewise, other electrical elements such as cover plates for wall outlets and switches are also worth saving to donate to the charity. 


It might seem sensible to tear up old flooring and toss it directly into your dumpster, but as long as you remove the flooring in a careful, controlled manner, there's no reason that you can't put it aside to donate. Flooring tiles, for example, can often be lifted without breaking them. Even carpet, provided that it's not overly worn, can be cut around the perimeter of the room and rolled up for donation. Hardwood flooring also falls into this category; as long as you lift it carefully, there's no reason to toss it into your dumpster when someone else might be able to use it.