Tips For Maintaining The Safest Warehouse Environment

When you take the time to make sure your warehouse is a safe place to work, you are taking steps to minimize possible profit losses in the future. Accidents in the workplace are costly and can have a harsh impact on your business. Follow these tips for maintaining a safe working environment in your warehouse.

Starting With Forklifts

A forklift is heavy, and if one is backed into your pallet racking system, it could cause it to become weak. A weak pallet racking structure is a dangerous one. Making sure all your forklift drivers are trained and properly certified before allowing them to operate a forklift is an essential aspect of warehouse safety. Be sure your forklift operators only take courses approved by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) about forklift operation, pallet racking safety and racking maintenance.

Pallet Rack Safety And Maintenance Is Important

Your warehouse pallet racking system more than likely endures a great deal of wear and tear from products being loaded and unloaded, employees having to climb them and overloading. Before you allow new employees out onto the warehouse floor, ensuring each one is aware of the safety measures you practice for your pallet racking system is important. Also, be sure to have racks labeled about how much weight each area can hold for preventing dangerous overloading. Make certain all of your warehouse employees are aware of what a faulty rack looks like so it can be repaired as soon as someone sees it. If an employee does not know what to look for, an unsafe rack could end up causing a lot of them to collapse at one time, more than likely causing serious injury while doing so as well.

Adequate Lighting And Aisle Clearance Is Vital To Greater Safety

When there is little room for a forklift to move in the aisles of your pallet racking system, the chances of an accident are greater. A forklift can easily bump into a racking system and cause it to become structurally weak and even fall if it is already weakened. Make sure the aisles between your pallet racks are at least twelve feet wide.

When the aisles in your pallet racking system are too dark to see, a forklift driver could easily misjudge when backing up or loading and unloading. Be sure to have bright lighting that reach all the dark corners for ensuring fewer accidents from drivers not seeing blind spots created by shadows and darkness of inadequate lighting.

Saving money in every possible is the best way to reach higher levels of profitable success in your business. Taking into account how workplace accidents can cut into your profits is smart. Taking measures to ensure greater safety in your workplace is even smarter.

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