Reasons To Install Radiant Floor Heating In Your Home

If you're planning to build a new home, you may want to consider installing a radiant floor heating system. Radiant heating has several advantages over a forced air furnace. For starters, it's energy efficient and it does a great job of keeping you warm. Here are some other benefits of this type of heating system.

Ideal For Stone Floors

Marble and other types of stone floors are becoming very popular. If you want one of these luxury floors in your home, you may be concerned about it being very cold in the winter. Any type of flooring besides carpet is usually cold to walk on with bare feet once the temperatures drop outside. This problem is totally eliminated when you install radiant floor heating.

A network of tubes is installed under the floor and hot water is forced through it. This heats up the entire floor. You can walk barefoot on a marble floor during the coldest part of the winter and not freeze your feet. The only type of flooring that isn't a good match for radiant floor heating is carpeting because the carpet and pad act as insulation that blocks the heat from radiating through the floor effectively.

Warm Temperatures Stay Constant

One drawback of a forced air heating system is that you constantly switch from being warm to being chilly when the furnace kicks off. Plus, warm air from the furnace rises to the ceiling, which means the warmest part of the room is near the top and the coldest part is near the bottom where you sit and sleep. With radiant floor heating, the floor is always kept nice and warm, so you won't be chilly as you sit on the couch and watch TV. The heat constantly radiates, so there is no shutting on and off of the heat supply as there is with a furnace. As an added bonus, floor heat is silent. If you're bothered by the furnace making noise at night when you try to sleep, you'll appreciate the quiet operation of a floor heating system.

Radiant Heat Is Clean

Radiant heat is a good option when you have allergies too. Since there is no forced air circulation involved, pollen, pet hair, and other allergens aren't constantly blown around your home. Also, you don't have to worry about dust being picked up from ducts or the furnace vents and spreading through your house. The tubing in the floor connects to a water boiler rather than an air blower. So there is no need to deal with changing dusty filters or cleaning dirty vents that may trigger your allergies.

Radiant floor heating can be installed in existing homes, but the perfect time to install it is when you're having your home first built. That way it can be installed at the same time as your floors. When you install radiant heat in a new home with effective insulation, you won't have to worry about chilly feet or cold air pockets in your home on cold winter days.