Why You Should Choose Stucco

Stucco is more than a practical siding for your house. Nothing else lends such a natural and even romantic look to a dwelling. A mixture of sand, lime, water, and sometimes cement, stucco covers metal and wood framework to create an energy-efficient and attractive exterior that is both classic and modern. If you are building, buying, or remodeling a home, consider choosing a stucco finish.


Stucco allows for a variety of finishes that can express your own personal design aesthetic. You can have your stucco applied in a smooth manner or a highly textured one. You may choose from different designs, such as pebbled, lace or raked. You also have more color choices than you might believe.

Experts suggest that you choose a lighter tint than might appeal to your eye at first because, the stucco's texture will make the color look more intense. A mild yellow may turn lemon on a stucco finish. A neutral color is probably the best choice for your main color, but you can choose vibrant accent colors to give your home more pizazz. 


Since stucco homes have several layers, they are great at keeping things cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They have the added advantage of making your home resistant to outside noise, so if your neighbors are too close for comfort, you can get a respite from hearing their arguments or their television shows.

Stucco can last half a century or more, so it's a good long-term investment. The material also has the advantage of being fire resistant and has the ability to expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature. In fact, stucco has gotten so popular that having that finish on your house may increase its resale value.  Stucco does do better in dryer climates, and the exterior will require maintenance to fix cracks that occur because of the foundation settling or other factors. You can find a reputable firm that specializes in stucco repair to economically maintain your home's exterior. 

Stucco works in a variety of climates and allows you to be surprisingly creative with color and texture. Once you have stucco, you will save money on energy bills and will have an exterior that can last for decades. If you are contemplating buying, remodeling, or building a home, consider going for a stucco finish. You will enjoy the styling versatility as well as the comfort and durability. To find out more, visit a website like http://www.lifetime-exteriors.net/.