How To Maintain Your Wooden Fence

Even the most beautiful fences can deteriorate, fall over, and become ugly over time. So a residential fence is in need of constant care. Particularly, wooden fences will need to be properly maintained so that they do not get destroyed and become useless. There are many different ways that a wood fence can be well taken care of so that it can stay well maintained.

1. Reinforcing the Posts. One common problem with wood fences is that the posts can begin to come out of place, especially if they were not put in properly in the first place. Wind storms and other elements can cause the fence to lean because the posts are loose. Reinforcing the posts will make sure that the fence does not lean and fall down. This is done by digging around the post a few inches and then adding gravel. You can then add quick setting cement and add water. The post will set into the cement and will now be a whole lot more sturdy and hold up well against the elements.

2. Replacing Slats. A good rule of thumb for anyone who has a wooden fence is to have slats readily available. You can purchase several slats at a home improvement store for pretty cheap and store them in your garage for when they are needed. Over time, these slats will warp, crack, and get water logged. They will often be knocked out by strong storms and will need to be replaced. This is a simple replacement that only requires some nails, a hammer, and the necessary lumber. Of course, you will also want to paint or stain them so that they match the rest of the fence as well.

3. Staining. A wooden fence will need to be stained regularly. This will keep the wood in better condition and will make the fence look better. You will first need to scrape any paint off of the fence and clean it so that the stain will adhere better. Power washing the fence is a great way to make sure the fence is ready to be stained. You can then use a roller or a paint sprayer to evenly get the stain onto the fence. The fence will then stand up to water and last a lot longer.

Taking good care of your wooden fence will allow it to weather many more storms and keep your yard looking beautiful. You can also talk with fencing contractors, like Everlasting Fence, for maintenance tips and repair.