Enhancing The Ambience Of A Home Yard By Installing A Privacy Fence

Rather than simply marking a boundary line, a fence can be constructed primarily to provide a greater sense of personal privacy. Homeowners with a yard surrounding their residence are able to maximize their enjoyment of the outdoor space by building a privacy fence.

A privacy fence is both utilitarian and decorative. The enclosure of a yard transforms the enclosed outdoor area into a family gathering spot. With a wide range of available styles, you can choose a fence design that is complementary to your home's appearance.

Local zoning regulations may specify how close a fence can be to a property line. The distance is referred to as a minimum setback requirement, and it may be greater for any side of a parcel abutting a road. Zoning rules may also limit the height of fences along streets. Once you are aware of any zoning requirements affecting a fence, you are ready to move forward on the other aspects of construction.


The layout of a neighborhood changes as additional properties are developed. The ideal location for a fence depends on how your parcel is situated in relation to its surrounding environment. After stepping out into your yard for an inspection, you can readily visualize where a privacy fence should should be built in order to block undesired views.


Individual segments of a fence can differ in height to accommodate the contour of your lot and to block views from varying heights. You might prefer to preserve a favored view by leaving an open gap in the fence. Features such as latticework or pickets are optional, but they add decorative detail that enhances the overall appearance of your fence.

Choice of material

Many homeowners choose between wood and vinyl construction when building a privacy fence. Cedar boards weather well and have a long life. Pressure-treated lumber can be painted any color. Many vinyl fence segments are designed to resemble wood, so you have a wide array of choices when deciding which option best suits your home.

Gate access

If you select a continuous fence design, a gate or entryway is likely to be needed eventually. Vehicle access may be required for services such as water or sewer line repair. Attaching all the fence panels between two adjacent posts with removable screws provides a practical method of removing them later if necessary.

A solid fence completely surrounding your yard can safely confine some pets. The seclusion offered by a privacy fence would also appeal to a potential buyer in the event of a home sale. Contact a professional fence company like Challenger Fence Co Inc for more information on the construction of a privacy fence.