Top 4 Myths You Need To Know About Water Damage Restoration

Have you recently moved to an area prone to flooding? Do you know what to do if your house is flooded? Here is the truth behind some water damage restoration myths that you may have heard:

Carpet can be cleaned if there is a sewage backup

During a flood, water pressure may cause sewer water to enter your home. You may think that you can steam clean your carpets and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, sewage contaminants can never be fully removed from a carpet. If the carpet is not completely removed during water damage restoration, your floors can harbor potentially dangerous bacteria and begin to smell. Not only does the carpet need to be pulled up, the subfloor also needs to be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned.

Your regular insurance covers flood damage

Very little, if any, flood damage is actually covered by regular insurance. In order to have your water damage restoration paid for, you need to have separate flood insurance. Make sure you read all your insurance policies carefully when you read them, so that you know exactly what is and what is not covered by your insurance company. For example, your insurance company may cover catastrophic damage, such as from a burst water pipe, but not floods caused by acts of nature, such as a hurricane.

You must call your insurance company first

While calling your insurance company should certainly be one of your first steps, you shouldn't wait to hear back from them before you contact a water damage restoration company. After flood damage occurs, it's important to begin drying everything out as quickly as possible. A good flood damage restoration company should be able to begin work immediately and even to help you through the insurance claim process.

The longer you wait to begin this process, the higher the potential bill will be. Left unchecked, mold will begin to grow on any moist surfaces and wood rot could begin to set in. If, for whatever reason, your insurance claim is denied, you want the bill for flood damage restoration to be as low as possible.

You can rent the equipment and do the job yourself

You may be able to begin the process, by doing things like removing damaged furniture and opening windows and doors to help the water to evaporate. Full flood damage restoration can take more skills and experience than you might have. Water damage experts will be able to identify everything that needs to be replaced, cleaned and thrown out. They will also have better professional-grade equipment, such as high-powered fans and better wet-vacs that will make cleanup go much faster and easier.