How Does A Homeowner Benefit From Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is only one of many insulation choices a homeowner has to consider. It has some great benefits that makes it stand out from the masses of other options. For example, it can be applied anywhere air is getting through to prevent energy loss and it is easy to install.

Foam Insulation Can Go Anywhere

Unlike board insulation, foam can be tucked into the smallest of places without any huge efforts. Homeowners can purchase a can of this product and use a straw applicator to stream it into an awkward area. If there is an oddly shaped opening that needs to be filled, foam can be sprayed in without any special preparations. Holes in the wall can easily be filled by a single person. After the foam insulation has been sprayed, it expands to fill the area and prevents any air from getting through.

It Can Be Done By Anyone

For small tasks such as filling in spots in the home that were renovated, spray foam can be applied by homeowners by using canisters. This means you do not have to hire a professional for a small insulation project. If a homeowner wants to use this insulation throughout the entire house, a large, professional machine must be used to apply the liquid evenly. This can be a difficult and sometimes time consuming task because of fumes which are not good for the body.

It Doubles as a Safe Piece of Art

After spray foam dries, the surface can be sanded and then painted. If it is left exposed and not covered, the foam can be a piece of art and can add to the home's decor.

Keeps Out Undesirables

Due to its unique ability to get into every crack and cranny, spray foam does a wonderful job keeping out undesirable things. Bugs have an extremely difficult time getting through the dry foam. Mice are unable to burrow through the material.

As long as it has fully dried properly, this substance will prevent water from leaking into the home. Without a wet and dark place to live, mold won't be able to grow, which can happen with any other type of insulation product you could use.

Spray foam insulation is a great option for homeowners. Especially for those homes in places where insects such as roaches are prevalent. As a liquid, this material flows into every spot that needs to be enclosed to provide the home with warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer. Although spray foam can be on the more expensive side, this liquid to solid insulation is an excellent choice for homeowners. Contact Bios Environments if you are interested in spray insulation for your home.