Cool Fence On The Block: 5 Ways You Can Make Your Chain Link Stand Out

Who says that chain link fencing can't stand out? Some people might view chain link fencing as an eyesore, but there are plenty of people out there who see it as a charming accessory for a front yard. It all depends on what you do with it. Utilize these tips to find a new look for your yard and truly stand out from the rest of the block.

1. Create Bold Patterns

This is a tip you can take right from that elementary school down the street. Schools often use cups lined up in a chain linked fence to stand out as graphics or words. Your yard can take a similar route, using colors and cups to make your fence festive and fun.

2. Get Natural with Flowers

Vines are excellent plants for interweaving through a chain link fence. Flowers can provide swift coverage, and they can also provide a nice natural scent. If you want something a bit less showy, bamboo cover is an excellent choice. Reed is also a good choice to provide some added privacy.

3. Add a Cover

Are you looking for a sweet, charming addition to your yard? Use some wooden slats in front of your chain link fence to disguise the chain link hidden behind it. If you want something a bit more comfortable, use a cloth awning as a cover. If you want to go for a partial cover-up, why not work with a trellis? The wood will attract significant attention, drawing the eye away from the chain link.

4. Add Some Color

Have you considered painting your chain link fence? You can do away with that monotonous gray and give your yard a bit of on upgrade. Black and white are classic choices, but you can also go a bit wild with peach, green, blue or red. Just make sure that the paint is resistant to rust and is designed for use on metal.

5. Make It Your Own

Who says you can't decorate your chain link fence with anything you'd like? Set up a collection outside to make your fence the quirkiest on the block. You can set out kitschy collection items, seashells or anything else you would like to display.

Your fence does not have to blend in. Your house has a unique style that speaks to your personal taste. Your chain link can have that same personalized feeling if you let it. Experts like Global Fence, Inc. might have more suggestions.