Important Reasons Your Pond Or Water Fountain Might Need Repair

Do you have a decorative fish pond or fountain? Do you have it drained for the winter? Now is the best time to attend to your water feature repair, to make sure that it will be in working condition come spring. Even if you don't think that there is a problem right now, having your water feature looked at while it's dry for the winter can potentially save you money in the long run. The following are the most common pond types and the issues that each might face:

Plastic liner ponds: One popular choice for ponds these days is to use a plastic or rubber liner. These are quick and inexpensive to install. However, even with a good under-layer, these types of ponds can be easily damaged by rocks and tree roots. Once the liner has been pierced, water feature repair may prove to be more costly than replacing the pond entirely. If you suspect that your plastic or rubber liner has damage, consult with a professional to find out what is going to be the best long term solution for you.

Concrete ponds and fountains: A concrete water feature usually lasts longer than a plastic one, but they're not indestructible. If the pond's installer was attempting to cut corners, the possibility exists that they may not have used enough rebar to strengthen the concrete, or they may have placed the rebar improperly before pouring. Improper use of rebar can cause the concrete to develop large cracks over time, eventually destroying the pond. Although water feature repair may be possible in this case, you may need to consider completely replacing it instead of simply repairing.

Natural rock ponds: In an attempt to get a more organic-looking pond, some people may opt to make some or all of their water feature out of natural rocks. This is often believed to be more durable than other types of water features, due to the durable nature of the natural rock. Unfortunately, the many rocks used means that there are potentially more cracks for water to flow into. Once the mortar or cement holding the rocks together becomes cracked, professional water feature repair will be required. 

Regardless of the type of pond that you have, if you suspect that there is a leak, then the worst thing to do is to keep it filled with water. As the water leaks from the pond, it will start to erode the soil underneath, causing more damage and making your water feature repair even more costly in the long run. The best thing to do if you suspect that there might be a problem is to relocate any fish and plants before draining the pond and calling a professional to come assess the situation. 

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