Accepting An Offer To Build Marine Aquariums: What You Will Need To Complete The Job

Living so close to the ocean, your contracting business has several extra opportunities that the more inland marine contractors do not. The jobs to build marine aquariums can be quite challenging, especially when the board of directors for the public aquarium want it to be as natural as possible. You can put in bids for these jobs and accept them with confidence when you have all of the following necessary equipment.


Although some of your construction may be in the ocean near the coast, the rest will be on land. You will need at least one or two excavators onsite to clear away enough earth to create tanks for all of the marine life. Most modern aquariums expect that the tanks will be subterranean in order to better mimic the depths of the ocean. It is also necessary to create the right amount of water pressure needed to sustain the sea creatures' lives. All of your plans will be handled by a team of engineers and oceanographers, which simplifies your job since all you will have to do is dig to the right depths.

Cement Mixers And Rollers

Some of the tanks, especially those that hold larger marine animals like dolphins and sharks, will need reinforced concrete. You will need several tons of concrete and rebar, and you should order extra just in case the plans change. You might want to use asphalt pavers/cement rollers to create nice flat tank bottoms too, unless the aquarium directors and planners want a more rustic look with real rock and rock ledges.

Pile Drivers And Crane Barges

For the free range sea animals exhibits, you will have to build and repair seawalls and bulkheads to redirect the animals back into their pens after an ocean swim. The pile drivers will help create the pathways and tunnels for these animals to follow in and out of the aquarium. The crane barges carry your supplies and position them right where you need them and assist your crew with temporary docks for building these free range swimming pens.

Most Importantly, You Need A Large Crew

Accepting the offer to build an aquarium is a long-term project. If you have visited an aquarium before, you know how massive these places are. It will not only take a couple of years, from start to finish, to build, but also a much larger crew than you probably presently have. Since it is often a multi-million dollar project, hire as many extra crew members as your budget will allow. You will need them.

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